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It all starts with a search

Choose where you want to live, what you need and define your budget.
If you are not sure what would suit you best, our step by step tutorial will lead you. You can also use our interactive map to adjust your search.


We rate them so that you don't have to

We study and rate thousands of property listings from the web so that you can easily spot the best deals - just like a property expert.
Each property on ratedrents is individually compared with hundreds of similar homes rented in the area. We know what a good deal should look like.


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Homes awarded with A and B ratings offer the best value for money. You can filter the results so that you only see the listings that are most relevant to you.
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"..we rate the properties which you would normally see on Zoopla so that you can immediately spot great homes without being an expert.."
10 March 2015
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16 March 2015
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